FASHION WORLDHi all! In this article I want to share with you makeup and clothes that are beautiful for winter season!

1 Color
The color of this period is gray. Jerseys, accessories, clothes, everything is gray. I love the gray in all shades, from dark to lighter, darker shades recommend girls with dark skin, while the lighter shades recommend girls with lighter skin.

2 Chamois
It is everywhere! Dresses, shoes, bags! . I love the brown or dark green.

3 Shoes

Boots and sturdy shoes! The boots are the trend this year too hard shoes or black or chamois. I love hard shoes with pants are fine, the boots are very beautiful under dresses!
4 Bags

Bucket bag! wonderful !! black, dark brown, burgundy. The bucket bag is a timeless accessory
5 Lipstick

This season recommend lips painted dark, dark red or dark purple. Sure, it’s not very easy to use color, require a maniacal precision, but with a little practice is great. I also love painting nude lips, very popular this season! It is very difficult to find the perfect color, but with a little patience you will find what is perfect for you.
5 eyes
Madly in love eyeshadows brown with a touch of bright gold! I think they’re perfect for this season. Play with different shades of brown and gold for a look divine!

6 Accessories

Necklaces, dominate the catwalks and winter fashion, there are necklaces of all types and tastes size. An accessory that way, you can change everything!
Kiss Kiss girls

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